A Day in the Life of Olivia

May 10, 2015

I've been wanting to change things up a little in my photo practice- take a new turn, create a new challenge. But we all know that wanting to and actually executing change can be two very different things. Portrait sessions are special and intimate and whether people know it or not, they have an idea in their mind of the end product they are expecting. I have to deliver. . . I want to deliver!!! So trying to incorporate change into a process you feel you already have down can be tough for not just myself but my clients. 


Then came along Melinda, Stephen and their baby Olivia. We had been trying to figure out a good place to do the session, while taking into account that Olivia is only 8 months old. For me, when it comes to babies, they are in charge! We work around their schedule, their timeline and most importantly their best time of day. Here was my opportunity, so I jumped and casually mentioned to Melinda "what if I just came to your house and just shot your morning routine with her?" She and hubby Stephen were totally on board!! It could not have worked out better. It was casual and fun and Olivia was such an easy baby to please. We sang, we fed (I think it was sweet potatoes on the menu that morning), we read books, we- meaning mom Melinda- breast fed. . .honestly, it was more than I could have asked for. Please take a second to look at this special family. . . 










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