What Folks are Saying. . .


"Ashley truly was an angel during our wedding planning process and actual day, not just as a photographer, but as a calming, reassuring, supportive voice throughout every single step. She had shot a few weddings for dear friends of ours, and my now-husband and I both loved how comfortable we felt around her when we were in/at those other weddings – it really does show in photos when people are at ease in front of the camera, and Ashley makes that happen! From our first meeting with her over coffee, we felt heard, understood, and like she genuinely was honored to be apart of our special day, which made me incredibly happy. She really listened to our vision, gave us her expert advice/feedback on what we had wanted, and helped us come up with the perfect plan of action for the timeline of our day. To be candid, yes, the wedding coordinator/planner is in charge of the timeline, however, in my experience, I felt like everything flowed off of how the photos were going pre-wedding ceremony, and post-wedding ceremony – and Ashley was SO aware of our timetable, kept us on track without being pushy (and made sure we got all the photos we had put on ur spreadsheet – yes, I had a spreadsheet!), and truly made the process (that can be overwhelming), fun and exciting. She has this subtle confidence about her and her photography skills that makes you trust each location she chooses, each pose, and when she says she “got the photo”, you really do believe she did. And when our photos came back (I am tearing up as I write this part, because it really was a dream), I was absolutely blown away by every single one of them. She caught the perfectly posed moments while also capturing the sweetest, most candid, genuine instances that will hang on our walls (and in our hearts !!!) for the rest of time. We get non-stop compliments on any photo that people see of our wedding day, and I cannot give Ashley enough credit for making our photography dreams come to life in a manner that truly was more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you thank you, from all sides of our heart, sweet Ash!! Can’t wait for maternity photos and newborn photos, and so many family photos to come <3 xx"

Jenny & Matt

"Ashley photographed our wedding in Healdsburg, and we couldn’t have dreamt of a better experience!  She was fun, professional, and so easy to work with.  We had a lot of family/wedding party photo requests before the ceremony, and she and Kat were friendly, accommodating, and patient with ALL of us…and sassy when they needed to be.  During the ceremony and reception we didn’t really notice where or when she was in position, yet she managed to capture all the best moments throughout the day.  We loved going through the photos when they were delivered shortly after the event, and there were so many beautiful shots it was hard to choose our favorites.  Thank you for your beautiful work Ashley, you’re awesome"

Jen & Taib

"Stephanie and I really wanted candid moments in addition to more traditional wedding photos.  What we couldn't have anticipated was the level of trust required to expose the sort of vulnerability that Ashley was able to capture.  We wanted a photo journal of our wedding, but what we got was a collection of art we can continually revisit to relive every emotion.  Our wedding was meant to be a celebration of life and a gathering of friends and family for everyone, not just the bride and groom.  Without Ashley's keen awareness of this dynamic, much of this would have been lost in pictures."

Stephanie & Gabe



"Working with Ashley, we knew we were going to get beautiful shots of our special day- photography both timeless and distinctive, accenting the unique character of the venue as well as our families. Ashley REALLY delivered beyond our wildest dreams! Her photography captured the candid moments and all of the joy, laughter and tears of that wonderful January day. No less impressive was Ashley’s winning manner and how well she fit in and interacted with our wedding party and guests- some CLASSIC moments! YOU ROCK ASHLEY! Thank you so much!!!"


Kristina & Andre



"My husband and I couldn't have asked for a better photographer for our wedding!  I discovered Ashley on Facebook through pictures of a friend that had used her for her wedding.  I couldn't stop looking at how great the pictures were and thinking that she had such a great artistic ability.  So it was really easy for my husband and I to pick our photographer when we got engaged.  

When we met with Ashley the first time, she was so personable and really made us feel comfortable. She has great energy and puts you at ease and has a way about her that makes you feel happy. Leading up to our big day, Ashley met with me at our wedding site to go over the final details. She was very detail oriented and had a list of things she wanted me to think about and get back to her on. She knew that I was very uncomfortable in front of the camera so she sent me a few articles to read up on as well as some suggestions on how to practice for the big day. I did everything she suggested, and as a result, we ended up with beautiful pictures. She has been so nice to work with and I would absolutely recommend her for your big day!" 


Jennifer and Joel



"To put into words how much we adore our wedding photos is almost impossible. Not only did Ashley get them to us very soon after the wedding, she captured almost every single moment. Her photos made me feel like I was a guest at my own wedding. I got to see every part that I missed being the bride. It's not always comfortable being on the other end of the camera, I prefer to be the one taking the picture, but Ashley made us feel so comfortable and so natural. We were able to be ourselves and she caught that in every shot. Getting our very large unorganized family together for photos after the ceremony was a breeze for Ashley, the way she directed them to their places and quickly took all the photos was something I never thought would get done- but she did it with ease getting our group photos done in record time so we actually go to go an enjoy our cocktail hour and mingle with our guests! The action shots of cake cutting, bouquet tossing and the garter toss are flawless! Every moment captured, and when I look back I feel like I'm living it all in real time again. From the moment we agreed to do the photos to when Ashley said goodbye to us at the end of our night she was an absolute delight to work with. I would recommend Ashley to anyone wants a simple down to earth photographer that is going to shoot photos of you, for you, and make it all about you. The smiles that Ashley captured in all of our photos will warm my heart for the rest of my life."

Katy and Mike



"Ashley is a DREAM to work with. We've done multiple shoots with her. From newborn to family shoots. All have been so much fun with the most amazing photos. She exceeds all our expectations every time! Thanks to her we have some of the most beautiful photos of our children and family. Thanks Ashley!"


Heather and Nick



"I was a little worried about wedding photos because I didn't want a lot of cheesy photos that felt awkward to pose for.  There was none of that with Ashley.  She unobtrusively captured some wonderful moments, not only between my husband and I, but also of our friends and family enjoying the event.  Ashley was so easy to work with.  We shared a good balance where I could voice my opinion, but she would steer me in the right direction.  She was the perfect photographer for my husband and I, and she let us focus on what was important to us, which was celebrating with our friends and family.  And her pictures perfectly captured how much fun we all were having." 


Alexis and Sam