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About | ashley

Well heeeey there. My name is Ashley and I'm a wedding and family photographer based out of Sonoma, CA. 


I am a touchy feeling, hugs all around kind of lady. I am always in the mood for Van Morrison, but I can get down with some 90's hip hop too. I give my smiles out for free and love getting deep in to the guts of what makes my clients feel the same.


i love color and vibrance, getting dressed up in costumes and  breathing in my baby's curls while he still smells like blueberry cupcakes. And this, all of this right here, is what I want my pictures to elicit. FEELINGS!!! I know how to compose a pretty looking picture but I want your images to feel like home to you. 


Give me ALLLLL of the love- the ooey-gooey, heart-on-your-sleeve, stop-your-heart-from-across-the-room, kissing-in-public, squeezing-tiny-snuggly-bodies kind of love. The real stuff.

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