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Bryan and stephanie: SF Surprise Engagement

Surprise Proposal On The Idyllic Pier 7 in SF

We all know that the weather in San Francisco during the winter can be anything but reliable. Somehow the love gods were looking down on us, or more specifically these two- Bryan and Stephanie.  They were visiting SF for a quick little vacation from his life as an LA Country Fireman and her's as a marketing coordinator. It was definitely a first for me. . .not only shooting a proposal but shooting a proposal for two people I've never met.

He and I began planning about three days before the main event. We were both nervous, sharing pictures of ourselves so we could find one another without having to actually make eye contact. We were very aware about not giving anything away or making Stephanie clue in to anything that was out of the norm. Somehow it worked out better than we could have imagined. It was close to sunset, on Pier 7, when Bryan had decided to propose. The weather was perfect, they were adorable and most important- she was thrilled, surprised and said YES!!! As you can tell from the images they are so in love and so happy, and couldn't keep touching each other. My kinda love

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