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Gabe and Stephanie: Tulum

Gorgeous Mexico Beach Wedding

First off Gabe and Stephanie are picturesque humans- this is obvious. I mean, pretty much perfect specimens. Lucky me to be their photographer. But the best part of them is that beauty is matched on the inside as well- how true and kind their hearts are. This wedding was sprinkled with so many individual touches not only for one another but for all of their guests as well.

Stephanie is the artist. She took the time to create personal gift bags for everyone that made the trip. She wanted everyone to feel welcome and a part of their wedding. As guests trickled in throughout the celebration week, both she and Gabe sat at the pool and treated everyone to their "first day". They brought fun inflatables for the pool and beach, they planned group outings and invited literally every person to join them for dinner. . .every night.

Their ceremony was no different. Their words and vows to one another reflected the unwavering support they offer to one another. The truth of who they are is who the other wants them to continue to be. There are no expectations for change, not hope for something different. They love one another to the core, exactly as they are. They travel together, they hang out together and genuinely love doing it. They are funny, sarcastic, and quirky. . .and just lovely and fun people.  Gabe and Steph thank you for letting me be your photographer.

“They planned group outing and invited literally every person to join them for dinner. . .every night”

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