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Bonnie and AJ: Pema Osel Ling

Wedding set amongst the redwoods in the santa cruz mountains

If ever there a bride that celebrated her wedding more, they were only second to Bonnie. To catch this woman's dance moves please scroll down to pass over this part. ok. . .onto the blog post. . .

When you start the drive, along the dusty, bumpy mountain road, you are sure you have made a wrong turn somewhere along the way. You continue driving, far beyond where the GPS is available to guide you, trusting the written directions from the website. With my music playing and my odometer ticking the miles along I knew where I was headed was special.

Pema Osel Ling is a venue I have heard about and was so excited when Bonnie reached out to me to shoot there. It's part summer camp, part Buddhist retreat, ALL wedding vibes. It's secluded amongst nature and far from civilization. It feels peaceful and warm and relaxing- even when you're shooting a wedding. But even more so for these two. It was everything I was hoping it would be.

Man are these two special. I know, we're supposed to say that about every couple, and for most part it's totally true. I can find something unique and sweet about every wedding I've shot. I am someone who truly believes you can tell a lot about people based on who they surround themselves with. And there are certain weddings you walk into and you can tell- this is good people. And these two- Bonnie and AJ- are good people. I mean, her brothers sang during their ceremony (AND played guitar!) for Pete's sake. You can see Bonnie's smile from a mile away. She gives them out freely, and you really just want to give her a hug upon meeting her. AJ is more quiet and reserved, with kind eyes and smile to match. They are an amazing couple. They exude love and caring and dance moves. No seriously, scroll down to skip this part to catch the moves on these two.

Thank you Bonnie and AJ for choosing me to be there and capture this day.

All the love,


Venue: Pema Osel Ling DJ: Ceremony DJS Event Planner: Mac Events

Cake: Fleur De Cocoa FLorals: Amanda Sealy


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